Being in LOCKDOWN with Hyperhidrosis

Having hyperhidrosis is challenging – you can’t do simple tasks like shaking hands, it makes us not want to socialise, and commuting during the warm weather is a nightmare. But how is the Corona Virus lockdown affecting ourselves?

It might sound ideal not having to meet colleagues in person; no excuses for not being able to shake hands, no paperwork slowly disintegrating in your hands, no sweat marks on your shirt and less blushing. A Zoom meeting can solve all of those issues and without the need to wear a suit and sweat from head to toe, maybe even with a fan hidden behind your laptop.

But what psychological effect does it have on us? Whilst we might not want to see other people to avoid embarrassment, is it something that we need – reassurance that others don’t care about our sweating; they still treat us normally? Or you might feel the opposite that being able to work from home gives you a sense of freedom like never before, without having to worry constantly.

Speaking to the Metro Newspaper here’s what these people thought.

Bethany, 27, UK:

“It’s great that I don’t have to go to business meetings or interact with people day-to-day, and that I can just use the phone to communicate and don’t have to touch anyone. It’s made me a lot more confident; I can wear what I want to be comfortable”

Andrea, 35, Cincinnati, Ohio:

The current situation is terrible, but it’s quite nice to not have the pressure of shaking someone’s hand,’ she says. ‘I think that after this pandemic, things will get even better for people with hyperhidrosis because people will be more concerned about colds and viruses, and wary about touching each other.

How is Coronavirus or lockdown affecting your Hyperhidrosis? Let us know over in our forum.

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