About Very Sweaty Betty

About Very Sweaty Betty

Welcome to Very Sweaty Betty – a brand new independently owned Hyperhidrosis Support Group – run by sufferers for sufferers.

Established in 2020, we want to create a shared space for Hyperhidrosis sufferers to connect with others around the world to share their experiences and to support one another with this challenging condition.

With our website and forum, we aim to bring people who sweat excessively together to share advice and to educate on Hyperhidrosis. In addition to those who know about this condition, we also want to educate friends, family and colleagues on the daily challenges that we face.

We are a brand new support group with no association to any others past or present and are entirely non-profit – we will never ask you for a penny!

As we are run by sufferers, the information on our website/forum should not be inferred as medical advice.

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