What is ETS?

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is a controversial surgery which is seen as a last resort.

During the operation nerves from the spinal cord, which send signals causing your body to sweat, are cut. With one lung collapsed, a camera is inserted through a small hole near your armpit and surgeons will attempt to cut the nerves. Once this has been done on one side, it’s repeated on the other.

Many patients have reported complications following the surgery including compensatory sweating elsewhere, or some severe complications including brain surgery. There are no reported successful reversal operations either, so the effects are likely to be permanent.

We don’t recommend ETS due to the possible effects however if you are considering it, please thoroughly research it.

Laser Treatment
Lasers can be used to treat underarm Hyperhidrosis. They are incredibly precise and work by targeting the sweat nerves with a powerful beam and therefore destroying them. Research shows them as being quite effective although not many cases have been reported.