Main Medications in the UK

In the UK there’s two main medications - Glycopyrronium Bromide (Robinul) and Oxybutynin (Lyrinel).

Glyco (as we’ll call it for short!) is only licensed in the UK as a liquid for use with Iontophoresis, meaning that it’s unlicensed in tablet form. Despite this, some dermatologists may still prescribe it as a tablet for Hyperhidrosis however that doesn’t mean that your GP can (or will) as it’s an expensive drug, one that many local CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Group - who are responsible for local medical budgets) find too expensive. If you take two 2mg tablets per day for a month, this will cost around £250 per month. Side effects include a dry mouth and drowsiness.

Oxybutynin is significantly cheaper in cost. NICE reports that for 30 days, Oxy cost £1.49 in 2017, compared for up to £768 for Glyco!